Thursday, January 28, 2010

Any ideas on this?

I'm not sure yet how I want to present my images. I had the idea of sewing each of the 8.5 squares together and making a blanket but with some squares in the blanket missing like giant holes. These holes would represent the times when people in the military leave their families and friends for awhile. Its not just time when they have to live without their family or be away from everything they love but also a time when their family, or friends have to live without them. This can also cause a lot of problems for families and pull them apart, causing rifts in friendships and holes in the lives they once had.


  1. i think it is a strong idea, i think sewing them together and making a tapestry with the missing pieces is a good idea to show a missing of someone id say just be careful were u place the holes in the tapestry so it will stay strong

  2. Your Idea for presentation sound good. It is interesting and will probably look nice. Im curious abou the final piece.