Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prints so far

Here are the two pieces I have completely printed for this assignment. I went a slightly different direction with the composition than I had originally intended. These first two shots are indoor.

I'm not quite sure yet as for how I want to present these. I'm open to suggestion, so let me know what you think. I'll post any ideas that I come up with as soon as I do.


beep boop update

So because I'm happy with the way the classy portraits came out, I've decided to hold off on the zombie portion of it (there will be zombies later in the semester, I promise). I'm beginning to sew the cyanotypes into pillows now, maybe add some of the detailing as well.

i like to work on the floor, tables are overrated

the goods on the drying rack

Uv box

Last night I used the UV box to do some prints and they came out horrible, they were in there for a half hour and turned out mostly white. Can we use the darkroom during the day outside of our own class time at all? Due to the weather the last couple of days haven't been very sunny.